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To make your experience of car rental in Kazakhstan even more comfortable we have the following additional services and equipment:

  • Full insurance package: If you love super safety, you may purchase a full insurance package when picking up the vehicle which covers you for the full amount of any loss or damage with no excess payable
  • GPS: Our new generation GPS navigators with maps of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will be your best friend on the road
  • Car Seat: If you are in Kazakhstan with your family and want to ensure your little angel's security take a car seat. We have car seats of different sizes and different models to meet your baby’s needs
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Per your request, we can also provide you with portable Wi-Fi internet

Please note that all these additional services have additional charges and will be included in the final price. Book your car now by adding any additional service you need to ensure your comfortable car rental experience in Kazakhstan without stress and time wasting.