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Car rental service is rather new in Kazakhstan and there is a need to clarify this subject for those who are interested in temporary use of machines.

The customer can rent the car as long as he needs. At the same time the longer the rental period is the cheaper it turns out. There are no limits on time or place. There is also a common practice to take a car to one place and return it to the other. You can choose a car for any class. In most cases, it’s possible to order a certain model and we do our best to meet the customer’s needs.

Car rental in Almaty: Drawbacks

Probably the only shortcoming is the impossibility to buy the car even if the customer is addicted to it. And if frankly, a drawback of car rental should be also considered the responsibility for the car that is carried out by the customer.

Why Do You Need to Rent a Car in Almaty?

For many guests in Kazakhstan, it is much more convenient to travel by car. Of course, you can take a taxi, but this service is not available always and is everywhere. In case you rent a car you’ll have no restrictions on time and place. For those who, for some reason (repair, discrepancy), are temporarily unable to drive their own cars, car renting solves the problem of transportation.

Car Hire in Bishkek. If You Don’t Have a Driving License

This is not a problem for the clients of our company. You can order an additional service of a driver and even a guide. This last service greatly facilitates the guest’s stay in an unfamiliar city.

How to Choose a Car?

First of all, it depends on your needs. If you simply need a means of transportation to move to the city, then you can take a budget option. For comfortable travel on any road choose a SUV, for executive people we have VIP cars. Remember, the more expensive the car, the higher the cost of the rental.

Our company understands the importance of security, therefore insurance is included in the rental fee. After each rental, all cars pass an inspection test to lower the risk of fracture on the way. But even if some kind of failure occurs, we will immediately solve the issue by sending our masters to the place.

Rent a Car in Almaty - Online Booking

It’s more convenient to book a car beforehand for the company to prepare it for the specified period. This saves time for those who value their time. If you plan to take the car from the airport point your flight number while booking. You won’t have any problems in case your flight is delayed: our company monitors the arrival of flights and so your rental period begins when you arrive.

Car Rental in Almaty for Group Travel

Are you traveling with business partners, friends, or relatives? Order a minivan! Everyone will have enough space, and will feel comfortable and safe: no one will be late or get lost.

What to Do Before Contract Formation?

In any case, before signing a car rental contract, carefully examine the car visually: any damage, even minor scratches, should be documented before you take the car. It is also recommended to do a test drive to check the car’s operation.

So, as you may see, car rental service is very convenient and multifunctional. It’s available for tourists who love to move independently, for people who use to travel by car and of course for those who prefer driver services.