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You are here and this means that you need to rent a car in Almaty.

Today professional Car Hire Service in Kazakhstan gives you the chance to explore this beautiful country, whose historical relics are visible wherever you go. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Kazakhstan. Its rocky nature, amazing historical sites, hospital and ingenious people, delicious and cheap cousin makes Kazakhstan is very attractive touristic destination.

To help you to explore this beautiful country Hertz Kazakhstan Team offers you a variety of car hire packages. Whenever you are looking for cheap car rental in Almaty or precious and high-class rental we are here. We aim to meet any customer's requirements.

Who we are and why to choose our services?

Hertz is a leading global vehicle rental company with more than 8,100 car rental locations in over 147 countries worldwide. Hertz Almaty is operating since 2017 and has developed an outstanding and reliable reputation in the market. Throughout the years we have been developing products and services to meet our customers' expectations and make their rental experience unforgettable. We always know that Hertz Customers are not used to getting just a good service, they are always used to getting the best car hire service.

You can find your car to rent in Hertz Kazakhstan because:

- We have the biggest vehicle fleet in Kazakhstan,

- We offer competitive and affordable price lists,

- We provide dedicated customer service with personalized consultations,

- We present a variety of services to meet your needs,

- We support 24/7 roadside assistance,

- We are flexible to find the best solutions for you,

- We offer one-way rentals to Bishkek,

- We provide Easy to Book System,

- We offer No Credit Card Fees,

- We offer to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles,

There are many ways to book your desired car group. You can book it online, you can contact us at the below-mentioned numbers, or just e-mail us your request.

Hertz Kazakhstan – Your car is just one click away!